Q73 the cheapest 4G Phone Watch for kids(Asian Version)

Q73 is one of the most cost-effective 4G phone watch for kids, developed specially for Asian market, it features Video calling and wifi location functions, can be used in most of Asian countries
Q73亚太版支持4G/3G WCDMA/2G GSM网络,性价比极高,具备视频通话,语音通话,wifi定位,SOS等功
Features and Functions:
(1) The cheapest and the best buy of all 4G phone watches for kids
(2) Fall-resistant design
(3)Two-way (Video) calling
Talk to kids whenever need
 (4) Voice message(chat)
Voice message between watch and phone, easy to contact.
 (5)Wifi+LBS Location(do not support GPS)
Know where your kid is at any time, let kids be safe.
(6) Home page clock face selectable
(7) IPX6 Life Water-proof
(8) SOS Emergency help
(9) Voice Supervision
Additional Functions 
Camera and Album / Alarm & stop watch
History Footprint / Security Zone
Contact List / Location Mode selection
Stranger-blocking / Shutdown disable
Class Mode(do not disturb in class time)
Model type: 4G GPS Phone watch for kids
Asia-pacific version
CPU: ASR3603
Sim Card: Standard Nano Sim Card
Display: 1.44”IPS 128*128
Camera: Single Front Camera
Location: Wifi+LBS
Battery: Li-ion polymer 500mAh

*支持4G / 3G WCDMA / 2G GSM网络